About Us

Tapama is a brand name, pioneer in manufacturing of technical textiles & filtration products. We are one of the largest manufactures of filtration fabrics and suppliers of end-to-end filters products. Our brand name is synonymous with quality and trust over 30+ years.

Our company pillars have always been the long lasting relationships we share with our clients, employees and our vendors. Being a family owned business, our value system boasts of working as a team to achieve results. We provide a fully, stand-alone, integrated porfolio of fabric design, weaving, coating and fabrication.

Product Quality

At Tapama, we are passionate about our products. Filtration products are considered as lowest (limb Level) in the food chain in organisations but play a vital role in the industries.

It can help in identifyng those low hanging fruits and in reducing the operational or maintainance cost which in-turn helps in great savings as a whole. We have been advancing ourselves by using the latest technology and systems to catar to our client's requirement. Our products, our quality control mechanism, state-of-the-art facilities and full range of technical expertise, provides the assurance of maximum product, minimum wastage.


With offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, We have efficiently bifurcated our resources in order to service our clients and channel partners with ease.

Our clients have shown us unconditional support and are with us since inception only because of our customer service, easy-to-approach protocol and strong technical back end support.