Coating/Paint/Dyes & Intermediates Industry

The coating industry represents a diverse world of coatings such as paints, resins, inks, pigments, solvents and other additives. These coatings cover a broad spectrum of different fluids mainly high viscosity fluids. Each application needs a different type of filtration. The filtration is necessary to remove, agglomerates, grits and other contaminants but this should have no effect on the properties of the coating such as adhesion and colour. The right filtration equipment can reduce costs and reduce waste.
Selecting the right filter product for your application becomes an important step in pharma industry!

Tapama offers

  • Wide range of products to ensure fine filtration with maximum efficiency.
  • Follow strict quality assurance procedure to delivery the best result .
  • Offer bespoke fabricated product manufactured based on the customer's specific requirements.